FoxMedics will teach in any space!

Total Tree Services have working horses ‘Queeny’ and ‘Breeze’ as part of their team and so they kindly offered their space of a Horse Box for an unusual training area for the Arborist Specific First Aid course.


‘Very good and well delivered, adapted well to strange classroom’ Stuart, Total Tree Services



Nottinghamshire County Council

A great 2 day First Aid Requalification course with the staff of Nottinghamshire County Council


‘The was the best and most productive First Aid course I have ever been on. Katie was excellent and her style of training enabled me to learn and absorb more information and skills’ Kelly Nottinghamshire County Council

‘This is the way training should be conducted-Best two day training I have ever been on’ Ed Nottinghamshire County Council

CTS Tree Services and Ridgeway Farming & Forestry

A great day with the teams at CTS for FoxMedics delivering their Arborist Specific First Aid Training course.

‘A very informative and detailed course, much more beneficial than previous courses. Having a course in our own surroundings made it more relaxed, which I think made it easier to learn’ Iain CTS Tree Services.

OCS Group (Over head powerlines Dept)

OCS Group have made for many entertaining Arborist Specific First Aid training courses.

Plus F


‘Very enjoyable course which was lead well with encouragement to get involved, made day and course interesting and engaging’ Rhys OCS Group Cardiff

‘Very factual, one of the better first aid courses with a good instructor’ Aaron OCS Group Manchester



Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

FoxMedics had a fantastic day teaching the amazing volunteers and staff of Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust

‘I have been on many courses but I really enjoyed the First Aid course the most because it provided information that was realistic to implement in realistic situations’ Siroja